Friday, December 20, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Banking

CEO at Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. in New York City, Matt Eitner has been working in the finance industry for over two decades and has held managerial positions at several financial institutions. Matt Eitner is an experienced equities trader and held a VP position at Casimir Capital, a boutique investment bank.

Investment banks aren’t like typical savings and loan institutions geared to the public. Rather, they work with large entities as securities agents, assist with mergers, and provide other support services. Here are some common questions that people tend to have about investment banks.

Q: How do investment banks raise capital?
A: The principal mechanisms are debt and equity offerings such as IPOs, selling shares, issuing bonds, and working with credit facilities.

Q: What is a boutique investment bank?
A: Just about any investment bank that doesn’t belong in the bulge bracket (the world's largest international investment banks) can be considered boutique. This includes those that specialize in specific industries or products or in working with small to mid-sized clients.

Q: What’s the best investment bank?
A: The answer really depends on the criteria used to grade the banks. There are numerous listings that evaluate investment banks by volume, prestige, number of deals, etc.